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Shaista Bukhari

Executive Director

Syed Saqib

Human Resource Manager

We are work since 15 years to fight against gender-based violence, promote hygiene practices and advocacy to support women in southern Punjab region of Pakistan. We work with our skilled and competent staff and pool of professional trainers, whom are designing and implementing programs and advocacy campaigns, trainings, developing modules.

We closely cooperate with print and electronic media, lawyers government departments/institutions, academia, professional bodies, national and international human rights organizations/networks to give the best possible support to our beneficiaries.

A peaceful and democratic society that guarantees institutionalized equal rights and opportunities to all.

To organize and capacitate all the sections of society especially women and youth, provide them economic and social opportunities, develop their linkages, promote democratic institutions so that they could establish a collective and peaceful struggle for a just society

1. To capacitate women and youth groups and institutions by providing social and political education and training opportunities and promoting voluntary actions.

2. To provide economic and social opportunities especially to women and youth groups for their development and enabling them for a collective peaceful social and political struggle.

3. To develop WRA as a rights-based institution serving people specially the marginalized, organizing and capacitating organizations and providing quality social and economic services.


Peaceful struggle

Rights and Responsibilities

Equality and Equity

Democracy at all levels and spheres




WRA is working since 12 years in 7 districts of southern Punjab, it has been strengthening communities to address their respective community needs, ending violence against women, voter’s educations , election monitoring, women’s skill enhancement, micro-business entrepreneurship and human rights education.


Muzaffar Garh




Rahim Yaar Khan


Active Citizenship Program

Ilm Possible Take a child to school

Voice of Peace

Ending Torture and ILL treatment of women in police custody

We Can Campaign

In Gendering Change

Strengthening Women Participation in Peace Building and Ending Gender Based Violence

What We Think About Our Charity

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